The Cuepay non-profit account allows your organisation accept donations and contributions on its website using our payment gateway in a more convenient and secure environment; it also notifies the organisation on approved payments on its registered mobile number and e-mail address. Instant notification on successful transactions can also be pushed to your website (url) for automating how your organisation responds to online donations; but your developer would need to set this up. For all integration, please contact your developer or

 2.5 % + N10 per successful transaction for local cards and  4.5 % + N100 for international cards

The total transaction fees payable are capped at N2,000 per transaction for local cards only

5,000 one-time setup fee, no monthly charges, no hidden transaction and withdrawal fees

Transaction maturity date is ( T + 1 ) days for local cards and ( T + 3 ) for international cards

Minimum withdrawal amount is 5,000 and a processing fee of 105 is charged per withdrawal

Processing more than 15,000,000 monthly? Please send us an email at

Registered and active Cuepay account accessible to the primary contact

Scanned copy of Certificate of Incorporation issued by Government

Name, phone and e-mail of primary contact in the organisation

Scanned copy of Passport, Driver's license or National ID of primary contact

Organisation name, product or brand name of the registered company

Organisation address, phone and e-mail of the registered organisation

Bank account details of the registered organisation for cashout purposes

Live website address that would be locked to the merchant account