Cuepay is constantly developing tools as products to meet and simplify the payment requirements and security concerns of merchants. These products were inspired after a thorough consideration of security concerns, integration and deployment issues experienced by merchants when building a system that requires online payment; and user advanced verification.

M-Collect is an online system that enables our clients collect organised group contributions for a birthday, wedding or farewell gift; charity, project or support for a bereaved family. The system has zero-integration and each client has a unique URL on our website that can be shared or advertised to audiences for collection. The online collection page may also be linked directly to the client's website using our IP address and basic DNS. The setup fee is N10,000.00 while the applicable merchant rates are charged. Please contact Terms and conditions would apply.


Identica is an intelligent system that allows third-party websites and applications perform user identification and verifcation of their customers' using mobile and e-mail verification amongst other algorithms. This system can be consumed remotely using application calls; and we provide a flexible charge per request. Generally, the one-time setup fee is N10,000.00 and N15.00 remote access fee is charged to your wallet per call/request. For more information on requirements, billing and access to this system, please contact Terms and conditions would apply.