This is a personal digital wallet account provisioned to every customer upon registration. This personal account has been designed specifically to send money, buy airtime, for bills payment in the store and other planned future possibilities. The personal account is a digital wallet you may want to fund occassionally to perform bills payment on products and services sold in our digital store and also to send and receive money from friends, family or clients. The funds left in the digital wallet does not accrue interest over-time and should not be used as a savings account at anytime.



Buy airtime and schedule a recharge using the digital wallet. It is a more convenient and secure way to buy airtime than the print voucher. Local networks only.
Pay local electricity, digital television and internet data subscription bills more conveniently using the digital wallet. Program auto bills payment for convenience.
Send and receive money using your local nuban bank accounts. Money can be sent and received on all local bank accounts in Nigeria. Terms and Conditions apply.