Terms and Conditions


1.1   Introduction

Welcome to Cuepay. We developed this payment service to make it easy for you to accept credit and debit card payments online from your customers so you can focus on your own product or service. We have tried to draft these Merchant Terms of Service to be readable to people like us. Unfortunately, the realities of the legal world make it a very difficult task. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns or would like to better understand how we do things, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1.2   Our Services

We provide you with software and a service to process your online credit and debit card payments; we will respect and protect your privacy, data and personal information. You run your business, service your customers, protect your customers’ data, report & pay taxes, and observe all laws, rules, and regulations.

1.3   Membership

You provide us with basic information about you or your company; we will seek to verify your information (we may work with third parties to do so) and approve your service account unless deemed risky (by us or our payment processors). You give us permission to do all this, and to periodically update the information or we otherwise must decline to offer you the service. Our service must not be used for fraudulent transactions else your account would be terminated immediately.

1.4   Withdrawals

We pay you for your transactions (minus our fees), at a schedule (every Friday) communicated to you once you reach the the minimum payout amount (N10,000) in your escrow account or when you specially request a withdrawal of any amount. Transactions on your escrow account mature after 2 business days; and certain amount of your funds may be subject to an additional hold period with terms determined by your perceived risk and transaction history. You are solely responsible for refunds, returns, and liable for customer disputes (chargebacks).

1.5   Termination

We can terminate this agreement at any time (especially if you do something bad). You can also terminate anytime. Termination is effective immediately. Termination does not alter your liability for processed payments or related chargebacks.